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Erik Van Zandt

Director for International Banking

Erik Van Zandt is the Director for International Banking at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

Mr. Van Zandt is responsible for overseeing key international supervisory activities of the OCC. International Banking serves as the primary point of contact for international banking supervisors, including for bilateral meetings, information sharing requests, OCC’s Foreign Technical Assistance program, and the OCC’s participation in the Joint Forum. Also, International Banking is responsible for analyzing major international supervisory changes that affect domestic financial institutions and OCC supervisory policies.

Before his appointment as Director for International Banking, Mr. Van Zandt served as a Senior International Advisor since 2016. His other previous positions at the OCC include National Bank Examiner and Training Team Leader in Community Bank Supervision.

Mr. Van Zandt earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from Tulane University.