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Public Comments on Applications

Certain financial institution applications and notices require public notice pursuant to a specific law, regulation, or OCC policy, allowing the public an opportunity to comment on the proposed transaction.

Public comments may include:

  • Support or opposition to a filing;
  • Request to extend the comment period, or to convene a meeting or public hearing;
  • Recommendation that the OCC grant approval only if the OCC imposes certain conditions.
  • The public portions of applications for business combinations that are subject to a public comment period, and for charters are made available in the OCC’s online FOIA Electronic Reading Room.
  • Applications that receive public comments expressing CRA, fair lending, or consumer compliance concerns, can be viewed on the Public Comments On Licensing Applications page.
  • In general, the OCC will publish each comment without change, including any business or personal information, name and address, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Comments received, including attachments and other supporting material, are part of the public record and subject to public disclosure.
  • Do not enclose any information in a comment or supporting material that is confidential or inappropriate for public disclosure.

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