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Project REACh: Incubating Solutions to Accelerate Financial Inclusion

Project REACh: Removing Barriers to Financial Inclusion

Project REACh promotes financial inclusion through greater access to credit and capital. REACh stands for Roundtable for Economic Access and Change, and the project brings together leaders from the banking industry, national civil rights organizations, business, and technology to reduce specific barriers that prevent full, equal, and fair participation in the nation’s economy.

The OCC established Project REACh in July 2020 to bring together stakeholders with the ability to help reduce inherent and structural obstacles so underserved populations have the same opportunities as others to succeed and benefit from the nation’s financial system. To learn more about the founding of Project REACh and its original work streams, visit Project REACh: Removing Barriers to Financial Inclusion.

  • Project REACh Financial Inclusion Summit

    Project REACh Financial Inclusion Summit

    The Project REACh Financial Inclusion Summit provides opportunities to reflect on the groundbreaking solutions led by Project REACh participants and discusses new initiatives to increase economic mobility within financially underserved and under-resourced communities. Attendees include representatives from government agencies, financial institutions, civil rights organizations, technology providers, consumer groups, and community developers and advocates. View the agenda and a list of speakers for the summit.

Project REACh 2.0 Working Groups

Project REACh is comprised of Working Groups, each of which serves as an incubator and accelerator for innovative projects. Members of the working groups offer particular perspectives and expertise on the related topic. Working groups are led by co-chairs representing industry and community stakeholders.

  • Place-Based Working Group focuses on improving financial inclusion for a specific geographic neighborhood or community, promoting holistic development strategies for locales.
  • Underserved and Disadvantaged Populations Working Group targets promoting fair access to affordable capital and credit for economically disadvantaged groups.
  • Technology Working Group explores and encourages expanding financial inclusion through new technologies or novel uses of existing technologies.
  • Tools, Products and Services Working Group develops tools to empower those promoting financial inclusion and innovative products and services that improve access to credit.

Project REACh Commitment to Support Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs)

MDIs are essential to the well-being of disadvantaged and underserved communities across America as they provide access to credit and other financial services to those who otherwise might not have sufficient access. The Project REACh Pledge to Strengthen Minority Depository Institutions promotes the viability and preservation of MDIs so they remain a vibrant part of the economic landscape.

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