Comptroller’s Orders on Interlocutory Appeals and Miscellaneous Comptroller’s Orders

In most enforcement litigation, the Comptroller of the Currency does not issue an order until after the presiding administrative law judge has issued a recommended decision and certified the record and Enforcement Counsel and Respondent(s) have filed exceptions to the recommended decision. See 12 CFR 19.38-40 (national banks) and 109.38-109.40 (federal savings associations).

Interlocutory Appeals

OCC rules allow for Enforcement Counsel or Respondent(s) to move for an interlocutory review of an administrative law judge ruling by the Comptroller prior to the certification of the record. See 12 CFR 19.28 (national banks) and 12 CFR 19.208 (federal savings associations). The Comptroller may review the administrative law judge’s ruling when certain criteria are met and issue an order.

Miscellaneous Orders

The Comptroller may issue other orders in accordance with his or her authority over the proceeding. See 12 CFR 19.4 (national banks) and 109.4 (federal savings associations).

Comptroller’s Orders on Interlocutory Appeal and Miscellaneous Comptroller’s Orders1

Comptroller’s Orders on interlocutory appeal and miscellaneous Comptroller’s Orders are accessible by clicking on the links in the table below.

Note: The litigation in which the orders below were issued may be ongoing.

1This page will be updated to include Comptroller’s Orders on Interlocutory Appeals and other Miscellaneous Comptroller’s Orders issued prior to 2016.